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Strategic Research Partners

SRP is a full-service, custom global marketing research company that has been providing actionable research for a wide number of B2C and B2B clients since 2001. We tailor research designs to your organization’s specific business needs to help fuel your critical business decisions.

We offer a single source for comprehensive market research services including qualitative research, quantitative research, and competitive intelligence as well as high level analysis and recommendations.

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Our Solutions & Scope of Services

SRP Group delivers insights across the whole product lifecycle, allowing us to help “institutionalize” integrated learning. We focus on specific methodologies & business needs.


  • Brainstorming/VOC/ Needs Assessment
  • Concept Screening Testing
  • Opportunity Sizing
  • Concept Building/
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  • Prototype Testing
  • Productivity/Quality Improvement
  • Consumer/
    Consumer Trials
  • Discrimination/ Competitive Tests
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  • Brand Equity/
    Co-Branding & Licensing
  • Identifying Potential Messages
  • Copy Testing
  • Promotion Development & Effectiveness
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  • Customer Journey
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
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  • Segmentation/ Market Structure
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Line Extension Analysis
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Customer Satisfaction (NPS)
  • Awareness & Usage/Tracking

Popular Client Projects with SRP


SRP has conducted studies dedicated to determining the impact on the purchase process of products produced from sustainable materials, identifying price differential that customers will pay for products produced from sustainable materials, and understanding the sustainability practices of businesses and consumers.

Product Testing and Optimization

Optimizing the exact levels of key ingredients can lead to higher consumer acceptance as well as cost savings.
See Case Study.


Clients from both the user and provider of cybersecurity products have sought input on the priorities of cybersecurity concerns and perceptions of which category brands they have considered or rejected. It has increasingly been critical for businesses to have this protection and maintain it 24/7 but also to have the latest cybersecurity features.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

An emerging request from clients has been to assess both competitive DEI activity and importance and contribution of DEI efforts on building positive affinity toward their companies.


Several B2B clients have asked SRP to conduct segmentation research based on the stages of their target audience’s product research and evaluation through pre-and post-purchase preferences. This research is conducive for developing long-term and short-term communication and channel strategies.
See Case Study

Concept Optimization

Multiple clients have sought assistance from SRP in identifying features that drive interest in their new product/service concepts. Also, they have needed help determining which features that provide no incremental value and thus do not justify inclusion as well as determining the features with the broadest appeal.
See Case Study.

Brand Positioning

A classic SRP client request is to identify what a brand should focus on offering to maximize their equity and purchase interest. Our focus has included decomposing words and phrases to pinpoint wording that has the highest acceptance and are most effective in a competitive context.

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To partner with clients by designing actionable research for making business decisions that lead to business growth.

SRP Philosophy

SRP’s philosophy is embodied in our slogan, Better Decisions…Better Business.  We guide our clients with a constant perspective of how the data will enhance their ability to make better business decisions and contribute to their growth.

We are practitioners who believe that every study must be developed with the particular custom needs of our client in mind.  We never force a research design solution to match previous approaches.  We recognize there is not only one solution to a marketing problem or issue. That is why we often generate alternative approaches to a problem, sharing pros and cons of each, in our detailed proposals.

Our broad qualitative and quantitative capabilities as well as our array of consumer and B2B industry experiences equip us with a reservoir of alternative approaches to consider.

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Finally, the word Partners in our name, we believe, is important in why clients seek us to collaborate time and time again no matter who their employer or what their position. We are there to service clients on a study even well after the study has been completed.

B2C Recent Research Targets

Low Incidence Purchasers
Affluent Consumers
High Tech Recruitment Targets
Medical Condition Sufferers
Assisted Living Residents
High School Students

B2B Recent Research Targets

Foodservice Operators & Distributors
Infection Control Practitioners
Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses
Bank Presidents
Architects, Designers
HR Benefits Administrators
C-Suite Financial Executives
School/College Administrators
Truck Purchasers
Association Executives

Upfront with Strategic Research Partners

Design & Analytical Tips

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