B2B Case Study: Concept Qualitative

Business Issue

A long-established and well-known consumer cleaning product sought to expand into industrial use, targeting 4 specific industries with unique needs: automotive, paper/pulp, farming and die casting.

Research was sought to determine the viability of extending the brand’s equity into other categories, as well. Specifically, the expectations of what benefits the products should convey/deliver, and potential areas to exploit brand advantages over other players in respective categories.

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In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) were conducted among decision-makers and influencers for each respective category.

Discussions explored existing product solutions, their likes/dislikes, ‘work-arounds’ employed for equipment maintenance and cleaning, and then delved into their awareness/recall/ imagery of the client’s product to tease out the core equities driving brand selection along with equity extendibility.

Following that, respondents were shown concepts for a line of new branded products in their respective category.

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The first line of industrial products is expected to launch later this year.

Research prioritized the categories that offer the strongest potential to the brand; and provided input on the critical functionalities essential to each respective category as well as which functionalities are less relevant.

Research also provided input into the most effective distribution locations and media channels to reach the individual industry verticals.

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