Concept Screening

Concept screening to identify the viable products to pursue for further development is the lifeblood of many brands.  Strategically, potential can be defined as having a broad-scale appeal, having depth of appeal to an attractive niche audience, or addressing a competitive space that is currently open or vulnerable.

SRP screening approaches:

  • Offer a realistic assessment of the level of interest via a Trial Motivation measure that is a composite measure of interest at any given level of awareness.
  • Are predictive of concepts that offer the most potential by establishing a normative database for key measures.
  • Offer some direction on areas to fine tune.
  • Provide an indication of which products/services are most distinct from current products.
  • Profile the most viable targets for specific products.
  • Test potential pricing and establish pricing thresholds.
  • Can help optimize a product line to achieve the broadest appeal and highest sales potential (incorporating TURF analysis or SKU Segmentation).
  • Identify line extensions and minimize cannibalization.

Typically, screening might entail survey research to provide a take- rate and projectable results.

It might also be necessary to do some qualitative  research to further screen down the number of concepts or fine-tune the wording prior to proceeding with survey research. Qualitative screening allows a myriad of concept formats, including video, printed text, illustrations/diagrams, and booklets of ideas for screening without the expense of creating fully developed concepts.

After setting context, groups include numerous activities designed to select winners and identify the targets represented by respondents.

Concept Screening