B2B Case – Industrial Service Model Strategic Development

Business Issue

To fund enhancements for ongoing rollout of Digital dashboard 2.0, the client sought to explore options to better define customer’s value perception of essential on-site services that drove satisfaction.

The internal (not customer-facing) goal was to see if the client-to-sales rep ratio could be adjusted by removing non-essential/non-valued tasks – reducing field costs – without impact to customer satisfaction.

Prompted by COVID-19 state shutdowns this information became even higher priority to maintain client critical safety operations with less on-site service.

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A three-stage research program was initiated.   

  1. Sales/Service Rep IDIs – to explore their biggest time vampires and capture their clients’ most vocalized needs/pain points.
  2. Customer IDIs – to understand their overall satisfaction, the components contributing to value propositions, and their awareness of other services offered and why they had not elected to engage them.
  3. Conjoint Modeling research to quantify the customer’s value proposition and drivers of satisfaction. 
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Synthesizing the two sets of qualitative, SRP identified pain-points unrelated to service rep  site presence that could enhance satisfaction very quickly.  Research also pinpointed options to reduce service costs per customer.

Mobile phone tools and 24-hour technical support (already in progress) were modified based on the customer-driven value proposition and fast-tracked.  Additional analysis-driven process improvements were implemented in shipping, inventory management, and corporate training.

Dashboard version 2.0 is moving to sell-in.

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